About Us

Delta Oilfield Supply, Inc. has been providing quality parts and accessories to the Oil, Gas, Petroleum & Power industry for many years. During this time we have chosen the suppliers of these components based on quality, price and availability. We only supply time tested products that will meet our customer's standards.

We have access to stock of OEM and After market Parts for Most brands of Pumps, Compressors, Engines & Turbines. We also can package equipment to customers specifications. We're one of the fastest growing independent suppliers of replacement spares for pumps, compressors, valves, turbines, natural gas & diesel engines.

Because we're independent, we're free of all the restrictions placed on so-called "authorized dealers" (e.g. high prices, lengthy delivery time, established territories, non-compete clauses, limited product lines, etc.). Our innovative approach to product packaging allows us the freedom to quote on parts most of the pumps and compressors manufactured worldwide.

Our high standards for quality in both service and sales has been the backbone of our business and is mirrored by a sincere desire by all of our employees to satisfy our customer's needs. Today, our long-term customers readily attest to our honesty and reliability. At Delta Industrial we are constantly striving to offer the broadest range of products at the most competitive price